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About living fence
Xingtai City, Hebei Province, living fence limited liability company registered capital of 20 million yuan, a total investment of 60 million yuan, the company registered in 2014, the security barrier installation Co., Ltd., with 15 years history, formerly known as Xingtai home security door Engineering Co., Ltd., 2012 Renamed in April. Is a set of research and development, production, marketing and service in one, with strong technical force, the company has the world's most advanced vertical spraying line, spraying capacity of 100 tons, a horizontal spray line, a special spray line, advanced Production equipment and reliable product quality, production of hot-dip zinc steel modular balconies, luxury aluminum art barrier, staircase handrails, lawn guardrail, protective windows, garden fence, highway fence and other fence profiles R & D and manufacturing enterprises, the company is located in Hebei Xingtai City, convenient transportation, beautiful environment, product sales and service network covering all parts of the country, "unique products and value satisfaction services" in the industry reputation.
Historical profile
The company is located in Xingtai City, Hebei Province, northwest and 107 National Road intersection West, a total investment of 50 million yuan, with 15 years history, formerly known as Xingtai home security door Engineering Co., Ltd., in April 2012 changed its name to Xingtai City, Hebei Province Living guardrail limited liability company.
Product advantages
The company mainly research and development production of hot-dip zinc alloy modular balcony rails, luxury aluminum art barrier, staircase handrails, lawn guardrail, protective windows, garden fence, highway fence and various fence profiles R & D and manufacturing enterprises. "Home" brand fence profiles of the substrate with high corrosion resistance of high temperature hot dip zinc process, the surface of the outer layer of the world-class Akzo Nobel imitation pond porcelain electrophoretic coating, environmental protection, with superior corrosion resistance, Salt resistance, excellent resistance to heat and heat. Home "brand guardrail overall structure is solid and beautiful, basic color gorgeous, high strength, long life, maintenance and repair costs are low, can be used after repeated spraying.
Brand image
Anju company has always been committed to leading the new fence research and development, and constantly track the world-class level, continue to build a well-known professional R & D and manufacture of new fence business, establish a "integrity, pragmatic, efficient and innovative" brand image. With strong technical research and development capabilities, superior technology and equipment strength, a solid level of product quality, heavy corporate culture and excellent brand image, home market continues to expand, the market share continued to surge, has become the leading domestic and international excellence Of the fence manufacturing enterprises, known as "the patron saint of a happy home."
Portrait of dedication, the pursuit of excellence in the company sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life patrons, and sincerely hope that the majority of my colleagues work together to first - class service, first - class products, first - class achievements create a win - win cooperation and a better future.
Industrial scale
15 years, the home has always been committed to the "integrity, cooperation, win-win and development" business philosophy, business and customers, the community together to build the emotions, career, interests of the link, the strategic relationship between the deep cooperation to promote the industrial scale Continued to jump quickly. At present, enterprise product sales and service network has covered all over the country, with a number of agents and business stagnation. "Home" products with its excellent performance, superior quality, beautiful appearance, as the majority of consumers preferred products. Relying on the superior technology research and development capabilities, product design strength, home for customers to develop a unique product and portrait of the dedication of the value of satisfaction services, not only in the industry reputation, but also with the vast number of consumers to create a happy life together with the good wishes.
Qualification Honors

"Home" brand protection products won a number of national patents.